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Acoustic amplifier in pine wood that requires no electric connection.

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Create a naturally amplified sound.

Innovative design and respectful with the environment, it works for any IOS device like iPhone and iPad of any generation, creating versatility, portability and perfect volume control.

The value of the acoustic amplifier

Pine in natural matte finish, narrow sapwood, yellowish white or pale brown, with an illustrious and striking vein, vascular lines clearly visible to the naked eye.

1. Play your music

Place your iPhone or iPad in the slot and naturally amplify the device’s speaker.

2. Surface

The sound is amplified 4 times and varies depending on the surface where it is located, we recommend glass, wood and marble.

3. Without Batteries

It does not require batteries, cables or any type of connection.


IPhone or iPad devices of any generation.

0,3 kg

9cm / 5cm / 5.5cm

Amplify 4x / 20 db

iOS devices like iPhone or iPad of any generation.


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