What does “passive amplification” mean? 

As the name implies, there is no additional power input involved in passive amplification.  All of our products currently are designed as passive amplifiers.  They rely solely on the output of the external speaker of your Apple device.  Sound from that speaker is acoustically amplified by the design of our products and the result is an increase in volume output free of any additional power requirement.  We like to think of our products as the truly green alternative to powered speaker systems.


What phones/devices does Houd PASSIVE work with?​​​​

We have a univeral size for all devices that range from the iPhone to as large as the
Samsung Galaxy SIV and SV.


Does anything have to be plugged in?​

No, the Houd PASSIVE  is made entirely of wood, requiring no plugs, cables or electricity.​


How do I adjust the volume when using my Houd passive?​

Since the Houd PASSIVE is not electronic, volume control depends solely on your device.


Will my product look exactly like the picture?​​​​

Not necessarily…While each Houd PASSIVE has the same dimensions and creation process, when using products of the Earth, variations in color, hue and texture are part of its natural beauty.​


Can I plug in my Phone while it sits in my Houd PASSIVE amplifier?​​​​

Yes. The Houd PASSIVE has plenty of space for a charging cable!​


Will I be able to leave the case on my Phone while I use it in my Houd PASSIVE amplifier?​​

Depending on the size of your case you should be able to. The gap on the Houd PASSIVE  is about 1″ deep leaving ample space for a case.​​


Are these really handmade in Colombia?​​​

Yes! Each Houd PASSIVE is handmade here in Bogota,Colombia. From growing the wood to packing your Houd PASSIVE for shipment, it is all done locally.​


Do you ship internationally?

Yes indeed!  We currently have our products in over 30 countries.


What does “personal sound amplifier” mean?​​​

The Houd PASSIVE is not a replacement for an electric speaker. It is merely a greener alternative. The wood helps increase volume, while the cylindrical shape helps direct the sound. It’s not necessarily going to be loud enough for a party, but for a few friends around a table or at the beach it’s the perfect product.​


Why don’t you make them for other smartphones besides Apple?

For now at least, we choose to focus our designs and products exclusively for Apple devices.  Because Apple has such a wide international following, we believe the market potential for us is huge.  There are many other great smartphones out there, but they are inconsistent in sizing and location of their external speakers.  This makes fitting them to our designs unrealistic at present.


Do you offer bulk discounts?​​

Yes. Please feel free to email us if you’re wanting to make a bulk order at info@houdsound.com​


**Due to the character of this natural product, sizes are approximate and are measured at the widest end. In climates that differ greatly from the native climates, wood poles can crack during shipping when climates change. Wood is a 100% natural raw material therefore no guarantees can be given in respect to pole straightness, cracking or discoloration. Each mood pole is checked and cleaned prior to dispatch, we do not ship cracked wood. All sales are final.